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Preeti Sharma (West Bengal, India)

Preeti SharmaMy name is Preeti Sharma and I was born and brought up in a Brahmin Family. Practicing religious activities became a part of our daily life. We would worship idols three times a day, even worship snakes as our God. As a family, we were very dedicated to our rituals.

One day my brother, at a very young age, fell seriously ill and the disease caused him to become paralyzed. We took him to various doctors but they gave up and decided that he would never walk or be able to use his body as he grew older. We were very broken when we heard this but we continued to keep our faith in our gods for his healing. We also donated so much money and performed so many religious activities for our brother. But instead of his situation getting better it became even worse. Finally, at the age of 24 we lost our brother. His death broke the hearts of my entire family.

Two months after my brother’s death, Satan attacked again. One of our neighbors had done black magic on my father and sister. Again, we went through a terrible time and it broke us down physically and spiritually. Both my father and sister were possessed by demons, which tormented my family everyday. My father had a wound in his leg and he used to cut that wound with a knife, which later became impossible for the doctors to cure. In the same way, my sister would also cut herself with scissors. My father, controlled by demonic spirits, would try to attack us when we were asleep. Sometimes, he would throw gasoline on us to burn us alive. Our lives were so terrible and we suffered so much, that we decided that we should commit suicide.

On the day we were to take our lives, suddenly there was a knock on our door and we found a man with a Bible in his hand wanting to pray for us. He had heard about our situation from one of my father’s friends, so he came to visit us. When he entered our home, I remembered he said these words “Today is the day of salvation for this house”. He started to pray and he anointed each of us with oil. He proclaimed the blood of Jesus Christ over each of us and our home. He shared with us from the Bible, prayed and encouraged us to continue to apply the oil. That day was truly the day of salvation! Jesus Christ had entered our home, Hallelujah! Within five days my father’s leg was healed. We took my father and sister to the church in our village. Prayer was offered for both of them and It was there that they received complete deliverance from the power of darkness. I shout my praises to God for setting them free from the power of Satan. In 2004, my entire family accepted Jesus Christ into our lives.

In time, I began to drift away from the Lord. I began to live my life my own way. But my family and the church members would encourage me to read the Bible and pray. One day, God spoke to me very intimately and I was convicted about turning to ministry, for He had chosen me and separated me from the world. After that I spent the next three years attending a Bible college. I am now in full time ministry in Punjab and working among women. God has given me the burden to preach His word to the unreached groups of people. Please pray for me that I would have the courage to fulfill His mission.

We give glory to God for He has given us a new life, life in abundance (John 10:10) AMEN!

Taposhi Mondal (South 24 Parganas, India)

Taposhi-MondalI was born and brought up in a Hindu family in a village called Kochpukur in the South 24 Parganas. I got married at a very young age and I have 2 kids. My husband didn’t have a job so I had to find a job to support my family. My family situation was so bad that I got involved in prostitution and my husband too encouraged me with it, but deep down I always felt dirty of myself.

One day a brother came to me and spoke about Jesus and shared with me about the prostitute woman in the Bible who Jesus saved and how he loves me and cares for me. I had been praying and worshiping to the family idols from my childhood but I never heard that any one of these god’s would die for me. When I learned that Jesus died for my sins I repented and gave my life to the Lord and from then on God has taken care of my family. God provided me with another job and I have made a commitment that no matter what happens to me I will not go back into prostitution.

I thank God for giving me this new life and I am sharing Jesus with other ladies that they would also turn to Him and give up worshipping those deaf and dumb idols. I praise God also that my husband has become a believer. Please pray for his spiritual growth.

Tapan Sarkar (West Bengal, India)

tapanI live in West Bengal, India.  Before I came to know Jesus I lived in a village called Tani Kali.  In front of my house there was a Hari temple where we worshipped the god Hari.  We also used to worship the goddess Kali as well.  I was very much involved in the worship.  My mother was a great devotee of the goddess Kali, and she would go to the temple to give a gift before doing anything, regardless of what was happening in her home.  After worshipping the goddess Kali for so many years, what did we get from that?  Nothing.

When my wife and I came to the Lord, I began work as a Big Life church planter.  On February 12, 2008, I was working at a medical camp (outreach) on the other side of the river.  I received a call while I was in the medical camp.  I was told that my wife was not well.  When I got home, I saw my wife was already dead.  She had been killed by the members of her immediate family.  They beat her severely, and she died.

When I found out who had killed my wife, rather than pressing charges I forgave them as Jesus has forgiven me.  I did not let them go to jail but their guilt began to work on them.  Soon after my wife died, my mother, was 65, and the others in my house came to understand who Jesus is.  They received Jesus and were baptized.  My mother used to worship a goddess in the evening, but now my whole family gathers and prays to Jesus.

Since this tragedy occurred, 23 members of my family have given their lives to Jesus including some of my wife’s killers.

Aniruddha (West Bengal, India)

aniI was born in Mehrudandi in West Bengal, India.  In 1993, I came to know the Lord through reading a gospel tract.  Before that, I was an idol worshipper.  On the 5th of July, 1993 I received the Lord and from there on I started testifying about what the Lord had done for me.

The men of my village did not appreciate the fact that I was a Christian and tried to pressure me into being silent about my faith in Jesus.  Any time they found me sharing Jesus with others, they beat me severely.  This happened many times.

In 1994, I got a job showing the Jesus Film everywhere.  Then I heard a message that the work of leading a person to the Lord Jesus is not over until he can transfer the same burden into the hearts of others.  I felt convicted that people who see the Jesus Film want to know more about Him.  Whenever I showed the movie, many people came to Jesus. There was a burden in my heart for these people and I felt we should do something more.  Then God brought Big Life into my life.

Those at Big Life had the same vision that I was praying about.  Big Life energized me to look at ministry in a much bigger way.  In our district there are thousands of villages.  My goal is to start at least one village church in each of these villages.  Since joining Big Life, God has used me to start over 1,000 Big Life churches in my district.  I am seeing thousands of people coming to the Lord and turning away from their idol worship, which cannot give them any peace. When people start understanding Jesus, I see real joy in their lives.

I really want to thank the Lord for all the miraculous things that He has shown us.  His vision is for our entire district of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India.  We are working so that one day everyone in North 24 (currently over 10 million people) will know that Jesus is Lord.

Latika Rai (Siliguri, India)

Latika-RaiI was born and brought up in a very orthodox Hindu family where my parents and grand parents practiced ancestral worship. I am the oldest daughter, with two brothers and two sisters. My entire life was spent in poverty because my father was an alcoholic and my mother showed a lot of favoritism towards my other brothers and sisters, and did not care for me. I did not get a chance to go any school, rather I worked instead as a maidservant in peoples’ houses. I lived a very difficult and discouraged life, and felt that I was not loved at all by anyone.

At the age of 19 years, I had the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I was relieved to find out that Jesus loved me, even though I was not a Christian. I came to understand His love was for all sinners. It was then that I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.

My life gradually began to change and I found myself to be a new person. However, the people of my village learned that I became a Christian started persecuting me socially and mentally and put tremendous pressure on me. I was even ridiculed a lot by them, but God is so faithful and never allowed me to be discouraged by their unkind words.

Since 2008 I have been sharing the gospel of Jesus and have been attending the Big Life Women of the Word seminars. I have been more encouraged and have grown spiritually and want to be used for His Glory. I am very blessed to see how God is using women also to be evangelists. I pray daily that the Lord would continue to use me for His Kingdom.

At present, I am fully involved with Big Life and I also conduct the women’s meetings in my home. People in my village continue to oppose me and try to stop the meetings, but I will continue to do whatever God has called me to do and I will obey is commandment.


Musa Khan (Pakistan)

no_faceI’m 41 years old. I live in a village in the Taliban controlled area in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. I belong to a conservative Pashton family. When I was in college, I had a very respectable teacher who was a Christian and he challenged me to read Christian books and the Holy Bible. Although I felt he would go to hell because he was not a Muslim, I promised him I would do so.  After graduating from college I began to seek out these books at a library of a Christian church.  Back then, there were freedoms like this that we no longer enjoy under Taliban rule.

Through reading these books and discussions with the pastor, my beliefs were challenged but I was afraid that I would be a ‘Kafar’ (infidel) and would fall out of my religion, Islam.  So, I decided that it would be better to go for ‘tablikh’ (training to spread Islam) to mold myself into the right Islamic principles.  When these studies were finished and I had come back home I bumped into the pastor again and he asked me to meet with him, which I did for a period of 4 years.  Eventually I came to realize that he was on the right path and I too accepted Jesus, was baptized and began to follow Christ.  Shortly thereafter I began working with an evangelist and over the course of 5 years we saw 300 Afghan people come to faith in Christ.

Then the enemy struck us.  Our evangelist pastor was kidnapped and killed and chopped into pieces.  The killers took the pastor’s laptop which had all of our contact information and soon killed 8 more of my companions.  I was attacked and severely injured but the Lord spared my life.  My wife was so frightened she left me.  I kept quiet about my faith for several years and then brother Rahan asked me to attend a Big Life training seminar.  The Big Life brothers encouraged and challenged me to be a true disciple – to teach others how to follow Jesus.  Now, the Lord is using me again among the Afghan people to plant 25 churches in only 6-months and many more persons are requesting me to come help them discover truth.