At a time when many Christian organizations are having to scale back and even withdraw from areas where they were previously working due to a lack of funding, the strategy that the Lord has given to Big Life has provided for continual growth.  This is not to say that financial funding is not necessary, in fact, it allows us to bring the hope of the gospel to new areas at a faster rate which results in capturing more souls for the Kingdom.


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Churches planted are self-sustaining

Because all Big Life churches are autonomous, self-governing and financially self-sustaining they are not dependent on any foreign funding.  So, if for any reason the funding of Big Life would cease, each of these churches would continue to function.  In fact, by design, most of the international Big Life churches don’t even know that Big Life in the United States exists.

Native believers perpetuate the movement

The work of church planting is not dependent upon stateside training or leadership. In fact, we purposely have moved away from the traditional, western missions model and instead focus on local believers reaching their own people for Christ. Our overseas visits are limited to witnessing what the Lord is accomplishing in these areas and providing accountability and encouragement to our brothers and sisters.