We never take for granted the sacrifices our financial donors make for this ministry.  It always has been and will continue to be our priority to steward these funds in the most efficient means possible.  Ultimately, we understand that all resources come from the Lord and we are tasked with using them not for our glory, but for His.

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A model for wise stewardship

Because Big Life church planters are indigenous to the areas where they work, and they live at the same standard as the others in their villages, their financial support is a fraction of the cost to support a western missionary.  This means our funding is directly applied where it will have the maximum Kingdom impact and results in nearly unmatched return on investment.

$100/month supports a native church planter

In India, for example, it requires only $100 per month to support an indigenous church planter, which will provide their housing, transportation and necessary resources. Considering that each church planter establishes multiple churches each year and each church represents roughly 15 new believers, Big Life is one of the best Kingdom investments available anywhere.

Building lives, not structures

God’s Word is clear that the Church is not a building, but rather a collection of believers dedicated to following Christ. Therefore, Big Life utilizes its funding not on building programs, but rather on building lives (the Church), which will have a perpetual return on investment.

Spending on what matters most

Our functional expenses breakdown rivals the most efficient ministries in the world.  We are determined to invest the funding where it will have the maximum Kingdom impact.

Functional Expenses

We are accountable

Transparency, integrity and accountability are characteristics that Big Life embraces.  We are board governed, fully accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and are members of GuideStar.

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